McNulty, Carolyn

Welcome to Mrs. McNulty's classroom!

Carolyn McNulty

Name: Carolyn McNulty
Email Address:
Phone number: (760) 787-3617 This is the classroom phone, which will take you directly to voice mail.  You may leave a message any time.  E-mail will get you a quicker response.

E-mail: I would like to have an e-mail address for each family as soon as possible.  Please send a quick "hello" to me at the address above.  Thank you.
PE: Students will have PE each morning.  Activities work on skills, fun, and fitness.  Students are encouraged to wear clothing suitable for activity, to put on sunscreen at home, wear hats, and bring water bottles.  Students are welcome to wear PE shoes to school and change into other shoes afterward.

Snack: Students will have a snack break partway through the morning and are welcome to bring an easy-to-eat snack.  Cut fruit or granola bars work well.

Volunteers:  We'll be thrilled to see you starting in October.  If you're interested in volunteering, please send me an e-mail.  I will send a schedule so that you can see where your schedule and the students' schedules best connect.