RCS Mini-Grant

          RCC PTSA Mini-Grant Program

2016-17 School Year

Dear RCC Teachers and Staff,

This year the RCC PTSA has established a more organized approach to PTSA funds by offering “Mini-Grants”.  The Mini-Grant program is designed to fund enriching, educational experiences for the students that are not funded within the current school budget.  The amount of money available each year is totally dependent upon PTSA fundraising activities.  If you have a need that meets the criteria of the program, please consider submitting a proposal for a mini-grant.  Grants will be reviewed by the PTSA Board of Directors and then presented to the association.  There will be a link under the “Forms” section of the PTSA website for the Mini-Grant Application.  Please complete the application, have it approved/signed by Dr. Gunderson and place it in the PTSA President’s mailbox in the workroom.  If you have any questions, please email me, PTSA President Casey Lynch at

Review Timelines:

All mini-grant requests received by the second Monday of the month will be reviewed by the PTSA Board of Directors on the second Wednesday of the month.  From there, the mini-grant will be presented to the PTSA Association in the next association meeting.  


®      Mini-grants should provide wide-range student enrichment.

®      Mini-grants are not intended to be used for staff development and/or related expenses.

®      Materials purchased through the mini-grants should benefit Ramona Community Campus or one of the schools, and should remain as school property.

®      Mini-grants are meant to provide funds for projects for which other funding is not available.  The PTSA will consider whether there may be other sources available for the money requested.

®      The teacher (or group of teachers) or staff member(s) applying for the grant must be a member of the RCC PTSA in order to be considered.


®      Fill out the cover page, including your Principal’s signature.  Attach cover page to your application form.

®      Fill out the Mini-Grant Application.  You many use as much space as you need to complete your answers.  Submit your application along with any supporting documentation.

®      Have Dr. Gunderson review and sign your application.

®      Turn in your completed application to the PTSA President’s mailbox in the work room or send via email.

®      All funds awarded must be spent and all receipts submitted by the end of the school year.

®      If an application is denied, a brief explanation as to why will be provided.

We hope that you will take advantage of this new program to provide the best education and experience we can give our children.


Casey Lynch
RCS PTSA President, 2015-16

DOWNLOAD FORM HERE:  RCS Mini Grant Application