Grades 3 & 4 PE Information

Middle Grade Physical Education

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Physical Education doesn’t usually get the same amount of “face time” as our core content, so we thought we’d give you some information about PE Standards and how we’ve developed our PE program to meet those standards and address our students’ needs.


We know that our students need variety in fitness routines.  Some kids love to run and run to build endurance.  Others find their fitness joy in team games, and still others “get pumped” by building upper body strength.  The truth is, our students need the benefit of all of these activities both to meet California Fitness Standards, and to better enjoy a healthy lifestyle of age appropriate physical fitness.  That’s why our PE program rotates student groups through all three of these activity types.


Students in California are formally assessed for Fitness in grades 5, 7 & 9, but we know that fitness begins in early childhood.  That’s why our school is committed to using the research-based SPARK PE program (developed by SDSU).  Our PE time is led by three staff members who conduct simultaneous group activities.  Students are rotated through all three groups on a schedule that ensures balanced access to Endurance, Team Sports, and Muscle Strength activities.    We know that students have their favorite types of activities and will enjoy some types of fitness tasks more than others.  But we are committed to maintaining a PE structure that gives their growing bodies a healthy, supervised workout, and ensures that they get to regularly participate in their favorite activities along with the more challenging and perhaps not-so-favorite ones.  We’re proud that RCS consistently has among the highest fitness scores in RUSD.  We welcome you to come and observe us during PE time, and if you feel like moving with us, we’d love to have you join our activities.


If your child has any medical or health issues which are impacted by higher levels of physical activity, please be sure that you speak to his/her teacher about any doctor recommended limitations on PE.


Fitness standards address the following:

Movement Concepts

Body Management

Locomotor Movement

Manipulative Skills

Ryhthmic Skills

Fitness Concepts

Aerobic Capacity

Muscular Strength/Endurance


Body Composition



Group Dynamics

Social Interaction


For details, here is a link to California PE Standards:


You can find the standards for each grade level in this online document.   The standards for grades 3 & 4 can be found on pages 13-20.