Welcome to Ramona Community Montessori School

A parent must call the All Day Absence line at (760) 787-3603 or email Attendance Technician, Rachel Morris, at rmorris@ramonausd.net with the following info:

• name of the student • date of the absence • reason for absence • name of the person calling • telephone number

About Us

The mission of Ramona Community Montessori School is to: Provide children a Montessori education which is sustained by the partnership between administration, staff and parents. Develop the intellectual, physical, and social well being of the child through creative, individualized educational experiences.

VALUES We believe in the dignity of the individual. Therefore, we encourage and expect responsible, respectful attitudes and behavior. We believe the administration, staff, parents and children work in collaboration to create a positive, affirming environment. We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor, which is enjoyable, satisfying and challenging. We believe all children can learn. We applaud and build on the unique talents of our students and promote teamwork. We recognize that knowledge, motivation, creativity and the skills to access information and apply knowledge are essential to problem solving and learning. We encourage the exploration and understanding of diversity, including cultures, languages, literature, and educational approaches. We teach and encourage children to communicate effectively in social and intellectual arenas. We encourage attitudes of respect and appreciation of America. We value the wise, and productive use of its natural resources.

GOALS Meet Montessori and District adopted standards in language arts, math, science, and social science. Provide well-defined, integrated technology, physical education, and visual and performing arts programs. Teach traditional American values: concepts of national identity, patriotism, and civic duty. Explore the feasibility of providing a second language opportunity. Improve attitudes of respect towards self and others. Develop student problem solving and decision making skills. Develop student abilities for cooperative work. Bridge interactions of children between programs to foster positive school climate. Educate the community about RCMS: a unique, public, Montessori school. Encourage a high level of partnership between administration, staff, and parents. Encourage a high level of involvement of families in school activities, including parent education. Improve and expand facilities for all levels and portions of our school. Explore the feasibility of expanding the program to include options for preschool children.