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The mission of Ramona Community Montessori School is to:

  • Provide children a Montessori education which is sustained by the partnership between administration, staff and parents.
  • Develop the intellectual, physical, and social well being of the child through creative, individualized educational experiences.


  • We believe in the dignity of the individual. Therefore, we encourage and expect responsible, respectful attitudes and behavior.
  • We believe the administration, staff, parents and children work in collaboration to create a positive, affirming environment.
  • We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor, which is enjoyable, satisfying and challenging.
  • We believe all children can learn. We applaud and build on the unique talents of our students and promote teamwork.
  • We recognize that knowledge, motivation, creativity and the skills to access information and apply knowledge are essential to problem solving and learning.
  • We encourage the exploration and understanding of diversity, including cultures, languages, literature, and educational approaches.
  • We teach and encourage children to communicate effectively in social and intellectual arenas.
  • We encourage attitudes of respect and appreciation of America. We value the wise, and productive use of its natural resources.


  • Meet Montessori and District adopted standards in language arts, math, science, and social science.
  • Provide well-defined, integrated technology, physical education, and visual and performing arts programs.
  • Teach traditional American values: concepts of national identity, patriotism, and civic duty.
  • Explore the feasibility of providing a second language opportunity.
  • Improve attitudes of respect towards self and others.
  • Develop student problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Develop student abilities for cooperative work.
  • Bridge interactions of children between programs to foster positive school climate.
  • Educate the community about RCMS: a unique, public, Montessori school.
  • Encourage a high level of partnership between administration, staff, and parents.
  • Encourage a high level of involvement of families in school activities, including parent education.
  • Improve and expand facilities for all levels and portions of our school.
  • Explore the feasibility of expanding the program to include options for preschool children.


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School Profile

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Ramona Community Montessori School (RCMS) is one of two alternative education options provided by the Ramona Unified School District on our Ramona Community Campus. The school was developed in response to community interest and requests for alternative education, and provided by the district since 1982. Parents continue to be involved in the evolution and implementation of the education process to a great degree. Site-based decision making is a cornerstone of the school.


Ramona Community Montessori School continues to grow and change and respond to the needs of the community. RCMS enrollment is currently at 276 students in grades K-6. Our Montessori based classrooms combine grade levels: TK-K, 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. Class size is capped in TK-4 at 26 students, and at 36 for grades 5-6. Every effort is made for students to be in the same classroom with the same teacher for two years.


In the Montessori program, parents participate through volunteering in the classroom and school activities. RCMS has strong parent participation in school organizations and functions. Individualized learning is a major component of the Montessori philosophy, as students choose from an array of offered activities during the day.


As a public school, RCMS guides students using age-appropriate Montessori objectives woven with the Common Core State Standards. Topics are introduced using real life, concrete examples and the child's observations. There is no limit to the scope of information as memorization of facts gives way to the training of the mind. The children learn through their own activity and are given the mental freedom to pursue what they need.


Every effort is made to provide long, uninterrupted work times. This provides the children with the time to focus and concentrate on their work. It facilitates quality work with time for in-depth studies. RCMS students are periodically assessed for their academic growth, and provided opportunities to share their learning with their peers, teachers, and families.

Welcome Parents

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Dear Ramona Families,

Welcome to Ramona Community Montessori School!

This is our 33rd year of offering free, alternative public education options for Ramona families. Recognized in 2014 as a California Distinguished School, RCMS provides Montessori based learning for students in grades Kindergarten through six (including Transitional Kindergarten).


Montessori education emphasizes:

  • children developing and growing according to their own needs and at their own pace
  • observation
  • individual liberty (choice of learning activity throughout the day)
  • preparation of the (learning) environment 

Our Montessori classrooms are multi-age (TK-K, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6), and families should plan on a two to three year commitment to the Montessori program for maximum benefit. Currently our school population is 276 with K-4 classroom size capped at 26 students, and our 5-6 classrooms averaging 34 students.


RCMS is open to any family in Ramona, and our school community reflects the diversity of our town, including students with special needs. Space, however, is limited. Each year, applications are accepted beginning February 1. We do suggest a scheduled appointment (760.787.3600) to explore if RCMS  is a good match for your student and family. We look forward to working with your student.

Dr. Kathryn Gunderson, Principal
Ramona Community Montessori School Staff